Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rampant Miniaturization

So my very small company is moving into a very small office. My business partner and I went to inspect it and take measurements. This morning I decided to start creating it in sketch-up. I made a decent mockup of what the office would look like when we are done:
To save time, I downloaded the chairs, coffee pot, refrigerator, monitors, keyboards, and computers from the 3d warehouse. I then textured the doors, desks, floors, white board, server rack, and monitor screens. The monitor and white board textures are custom materials. I showed my friend, and he said "you know, we should 3d print this so we have a little model of our room that we can rearranged and see how everything fits." That could be a brilliant idea. If we decide to do that, I'll post the final print outs on here.

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